Large Assorted Color Creative Foam Cut-Outs - Four Leaf Clover

Creative Shapes Etc.

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Create many fun projects with this package of assorted color four leaf clovers. Foam shapes are great for many creative and decorating projects. The soft material is an excellent material to add to many craft activities. The creative possibilities are endless! Our large foam cut-outs come with 15 sheets per package. Each design is created proportionally within a 5.5" x 5.5" space. 
  • CREATIVE CLOVER CUT-OUTS:  These cut-outs can be used in Craft ideas at home, School, kid's birthday and party favors.  They are great for decorating the classroom, bulletin boards, even classroom doors for spring and the holiday, St. Patrick's Decorations, Spring Decorations and much more.
  • MULTICOLOR CUT-OUTS: The multicolor cut-outs come in a random assortment of colors, such as red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink and white. Can be used with a variety of craft materials like beads, sequin, fabric, paint to create your unique work of art.
  • TIME SAVER FOR TEACHERS: These pre-cut shapes save time for teachers and parents, never waste time by having to cut the shapes out yourself.
  • HIGH QUALITY- Cut-outs are made from a high quality foam.
  • MADE IN USA: These assorted color four leaf clover cut-outs come 15 in one package, Multicolor, Measure proportionally within a 5.5" x 5.5" size and are made in the USA.