Sticky Notes

Ditch the plain notepad and go for some color and a creative shape! Our die-cut sticky notepads are ideal for a variety of tasks and work well in a school, home or office setting. A wide variety of theme and holiday designs are available, making it easy to match classroom themes, someone's interests, seasons, holidays, etc. The perfect size for conveniently writing down notes, these fun shapes add a unique and creative touch to any message, reminder, to do list, etc. Useful for self-reminders, messages, magazine and book markers, tags, planning and journaling, and much more! An ideal tool for organization, sticky notes make it easy to organize your thoughts, files, documents, etc. Sticky notes also make great gifts for teachers and children and are ideal for using as stocking stuffers. They can also be used for small gifts, party favors, prizes in prize boxes, used with craft projects and more. The notes peel easily and remove cleanly leaving no sticky residue behind. They work on a variety of surfaces such as walls, doors, computer monitors, windows, paper, etc. Peel from the side and not the bottom to prevent curling and to help preserve the stickiness of the adhesive. Our sticky shape notepads are proportional within a 3 inch size and have approximately a half inch strip of adhesive. Sticky notepads come 50 sheets to a pad, are packaged in a resealable bag and are made in the USA. 
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