Die-Cut Bookmarks - Apple

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Make reading constant fun with these die-cut bookmarks! Each bookmark is 2 3/4" x 7 1/2", with 24 bookmarks per package. Made from construction paper, each bookmark has a die-cut curve to be clipped onto pages. The bookmarks are great for party favors, special rewards, and incentives too! Use them to hold a list of assignments or record the titles of books read right on the bookmark.

Award bookmarks for each new book read and use as a library pass. Kids can even "personalize" the blank shapes. Blank Shapes provide a space for kids or teachers to personalize them by adding their own creativity, decorating with a rubber stamp, or other embellishments. For example - write "Books I've Devoured" on the Apple. Record the author and title of 5 books (teacher or parent can set the limit). Kids can "earn" a new bookmark as a place to collect award stickers.