Holiday Evergreen Tree Assorted Green Color Cut-Outs - 3in

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Our Small Holiday Evergreen Trees are proportional within a 3" size and come in an assortment of two colors, light and dark green. These pre-cut shapes save time and are a fun addition to a variety of classroom activities, holiday crafts and decorations. Never waste time by having to cut out the shapes yourself! These trees are great for decorating the classroom or bulletin board, making game parts, gift bags, and much more! Design trees for holiday decorations, make festive flashcards, create greeting cards and other seasonal craft projects. They are cut from vivid, acid-free construction paper that withstands sunlight and resists fading.

  • CREATIVE PAPER CUT-OUTS: These Holiday evergreen tree cut-outs are great for decorating the classroom or bulletin board, making game parts, gift bags, photo booth props, and more! Decorate and tape your Christmas tree to doors and windows, hang them from ceilings at home or classrooms for Christmas parties or a Winter Wonderland Theme.
  • IDEAL FOR CRAFTING FUN:  These evergreen tree cutouts are a fantastic tool for crafting activities, making them a delightful choice for both kids and adults. Explore a world of possibilities as you create Christmas tree garland, Christmas ornaments, Christmas holiday cards and more. Can be used with a variety of craft materials like beads, sequin, fabric, paint to create your unique work of art.
  • A TIME-EFFICIENT SOLUTION FOR EDUCATORS: Say goodbye to the hassle of cutting out shapes manually. Our pre-cut shapes are here to save teachers and parents precious time. No more wasted hours on tedious cutting tasks.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Crafted from high-quality acid-free construction paper, these cutouts are designed to endure. They can withstand sunlight and resist fading, ensuring your creations remain vibrant and appealing.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Each package contains 31 evergreen tree cutouts, in a random assortment of dark and light green. These cutouts are proportionally sized at 3 inches by 3 inches and proudly made in the USA.