Incentive Set - Science

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Our everything Science Incentive Set! This set is perfect for any Science teacher or lover of Science.  Promote positive reinforcement practices and create fun notes and reminders with this theme set. This Science set includes our Large and Mini Scientist Notepads, Science Lab Personal Incentive Charts and Science Incentive Stickers. You receive one large Notepad with 50 sheets, one Mini Notepad with 35 sheets, 24 Charts and 288 Stickers per set. Our Large Notepads are approximately 5in x 7in in size, our Mini Notepad is approximately 3in x 3in in size, our Personal Incentive Chart is approximately 2.75in x 7.5in and the stickers are approximately 3/8 in.  Perfect for classrooms and teachers, homeschool, various camps and VBS themes and much more! Incentive Charts and Stickers are ideal for positive reinforcement and promoting good behaviors. Use as homework charts, reading charts, lab trackers, attendance and chore charts. The notepads come with a design on every page and are ideal for notes and reminders, messages home, classroom décor and labeling, to do lists and more.