Notes from Teachers - Creative Charlie Preschool Progress Report

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These Creative Charlie notes are great for documenting communication . Two-part carbon-less forms documents communication and creates a file copy instantly! Ideal to protect teachers and the signature verifies parental acknowledgement. Perfect for documenting student progress, invitation for meetings, disciplinary actions, requests for help with homework, and more. 5.5" x 8.5". 50 forms per pack.

  • MULTI-USE FORMS: Creative Charlie Notes from Teachers are perfect for documenting student progress, invitations for parent teacher and other meetings, disciplinary actions, requests for help with homework, and much more.
  • PROTECTS TEACHERS: Never worry about documenting communication with parents and keeping records of progress reports sent home. These forms document communication and instantly create a copy that can be filed away for reference. Forms also include areas for parents to sign and return, allowing the signature to verify parental acknowledgement.
  • TIME SAVER FOR TEACHERS: Easy to fill out forms make creating Student Progress Reports simple and effortless. Simply use the check boxes and add any additional comments that are needed.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Notes to parents are high quality two-part carbon-less forms. Keep one copy for your records and send the other one home.
  • MADE IN USA: Notes from Teachers - Preschool Progress Report comes with 50 two-part carbon-less forms in a package, measure 5.5” x 8.5” and are made in the USA.