Star Bright Neon Single Color Large Cut-Outs- 5.5” x 5.5”

Creative Shapes Etc.

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Colorize all your unique crafts! Neon Colored Cardstock is a fun way to brighten up any DIY projects, holiday crafts and many decorations. Our Single-Color Bright Neon Star Cut-outs are proportional within a 5.5" size  and come with 31 sheets per package. These pre-cut shapes save time and are a fun addition to a variety of classroom activities. They are great for decorating the classroom or bulletin board, making game parts, gift bags, and more! Our new Bright Neon Cut-Outs are cut from vivid, bright colored cardstock.

  • CREATIVE STAR CUT-OUTS:  These cut-outs can be used in Craft ideas at home and School art projects, kid's birthday and party favors. They are great for decorating the classroom or bulletin boards. Project Examples: Make a wish shooting star paper planes, Fairy Wand, Starfish Ocean Craft, Classroom Birthday Chart and many more!

  • WONDERFUL TEACHING TOOL:  Create word cards for sight words, math games or sentences by writing numbers or alphabets on the stars, make game parts for learning games, use as name tags for students’ desks and classroom supplies.

  • TIME SAVER FOR TEACHERS: These pre-cut shapes save time for teachers and parents, never waste time by having to cut the shapes out yourself.

  • HIGH QUALITY: These Paper Cut-Outs are made of high-quality bright colored cardstock that withstands sunlight and resists fading.
  • MADE IN USA: These single-color Star cut-outs are cut from bright colored cardstock, come 31 in one package, Yellow in Color, Measure 5.5” x 5.5” and are made in the USA.