Teacher's Stamp - This Book Belongs

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This stamp is perfect for those classroom reading nooks, libraries and more! Simply stamp on the inside cover of a book, write in who's book it is and it is easily ready for classroom reading or book lending!

Grading is a necessary part of teaching, but why not make it a little easier and fun with an efficient Teacher Stamp. Our Teacher Stamps are ideal for encouraging good work habits and providing positive reinforcement. Motivate students with positive messages and encourage students to keep on learning. With a variety of stamps reflecting standard grading comments, positive messages, and offering constructive criticism, there is a teacher stamp for any situation. These stamps also make it easy as you will no longer have to write the same thing on every assignment or paper, simply use one of the teacher stamps for a hassle free way of grading. Better yet, students will appreciate the feedback and seeing that their work is being acknowledged. They are also a great way to involve parents by encouraging parental involvement. Great for use in the classroom or homeschool, these stamps are the perfect tool for any teacher. Teacher Stamps are also a unique idea for a teacher gift that they can use again and again.  At 1.25" x 2.5", Teacher Stamps are an ideal size for easy storage and they fit in your hand comfortably.  A rubber stamp with a wooden block, these stamps are made in the USA. Does not come with ink.